Wow it has been a while since I have written anything for my blog. I relaunched my blog with a new look and then got very caught up in church planting here in Mexico City which is why I want to write this post and explain what that means and why Mexico City. 

Before this move, my blog was mostly about fashion and beauty and occasionally testing out product to review for you. I now live in a country where I am not getting brand deals or products, I am not the most fashionable and I don't often get "done up" like I did in Vegas and a lot about my life has changed. I really didn't know how to make that transition in life AND on my blog so the blog kind of took a back seat during this time. 

Now, all I really want and all I really can do is write on my life experiences and growth. I am not sure anyone will even be interested in what I have to say but I am writing this post because I know it will help me process and I hope that just maybe it will speak to someone in some way! 

I always want to be as honest as I can and that is appropriate because I LOVE when I find a woman sharing her journey without the fluff. That is what I intend to do here. 

This post is just to explain what we are doing in Mexico City. I am sure this will be one of many posts explaining "church Plant Life". In fact, check out my Honest Reaction to Moving To Mexico City post to know the back story and how hard this move was for me. This is now my life and this is all I can write on and hope what I am going through, good bad and ugly, will be used and will be relatable. So here we go! 

Why Mexico City? 

We come from a church in Las Vegas and for a while our senior pastor has had Latin America on his heart. We have a church planting training center in La Gloria Mexico and we have done crusades in Mazatlan and Mexico City. David and I were apart of both crusades which were a MIRACLE of God and we got to witness it first hand. When our pastor was praying for the crusade in Mexico City, God also put it on his heart to have a church plant there, our pastor LOVES church planting and that is one of our main focuses at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas. 

When David moved to Vegas, he had just come from that Training Center in La Gloria and the Lord put Mexico on his heart but he really wanted to go back to his home in Hermosillo in Sonora Mexico. David's heart for church planting started in 2015 though when he was at a church in Philadelphia and God just pressed it on his heart more and more over the years. 

When he moved to Vegas and we were pursuing each other, he knew I would not be down for Mexico so he started thinking about North Las Vegas where there is a huge hispanic group. I was all down for that plan! I loved that plan! When we started to get serious, he had a meeting with our senior pastor and he told David that he was praying for Mexico City to be put on Davids heart. When I heard that, I told David "I am 99% sure I am not called to Mexico." I am laughing from where I am standing now at that statement. 

Mexico City ended up getting put on Davids heart after a few dreams he had and he knew God was calling him there. As for me, you can read my reaction in the post mentioned earlier. 

We believe and by "we" I mean our church and ourselves that Mexico City is the epicenter of the country. Anything that happens here influences the rest of the country and there are some strongholds in this city! 

So why Mexico City? We believe God has a heart for the Latin culture and wants to see them freed from their sin and strongholds. We believe that if we can bring the gospel to the epicenter of the country we can see a revival in the country. Of course that is a HUGE task but our God is good and we know He can do it and we are just vessels for Him to use to do that work. 

What does Church Planting Mean?

Church planting simply means starting a church from scratch. David is the senior pastor of our church, Brasas, here in Mexico City. We moved here, started meeting people and telling them that we are here to start a church and invite them to join. 

On September 6th we had our first bible study at the house and we honestly didn't know what to expect. We thought that maybe 10-15 people would come if that and we ended up with 30 people in our home the first night! It was already time to start finding a building to use. 

Now, we rent out a preschool every Sunday and we hold our church services there until the Lord opens a door for us to have our own church building. I lead worship, yes in Spanish and David teaches the Word. We have an amazing congregation that volunteers every week and even during this quarantine, we have been meeting online with them.

How long have we been here?

We have been here for almost a year. We have been fortunate and blessed enough to take many trips to Las Vegas to see our family and church family within this year which I am thankful for because the transition has not been easy for me at all.

We have a 2 bedroom apartment that we have made feel like home, we have a very cute and stubborn German Shepherd named Luna who has not made the year easier but we also love her so much! We have started church and have a congregation of about 35 people which is unheard of in your first year of church planting, we have been blessed to be in the area we live in, it is called condesa and it is an amazing part of the city that many tourist come to visit, and I am learning Spanish which is easier said than done! 

We don't know how long we will be here, until the Lord tells us to move on which is sometimes a scary thought for me which I will go into more detail on that in a later post. God is showing me how to trust in Him. He is teaching me that it is no mistake that He called me to this man who wants to church plant in Mexico and that I am the girl for the job no matter how unequipped I am and feel. As I have heard many times in my life "He doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called." 

Well that is all my brain can think up for this post. I hope to write more soon! 
Thank you for reading!