Man, these times are crazy am I right?! Who ever thought 2020 would look this way? Not me, that's for sure!

I am sure we are all a little bit freaked out right now so I want to start this blog post off by praying for you!

Father God, I lift my sweet sister up to you right in this moment, I pray you will pour your peace over her body, her mind, and her soul and take any fear from her. God we KNOW you are the God of this universe and this virus is nothing to you. We are open to what you have to teach and tell us during this and I just pray agains fear and I pray for your peace and wisdom to fill us in this very moment. AMEN!

I know that there are real reasons to fear during this time, but I want to tell you that there are even more real reasons to trust Christ. He has been faithful and has never let us down, and He has this situation in His hands.

In todays post I want to give you some ideas of what you can do with all this extra time to get your mind off the outside and to occupy your day and how you can make good use of your time rather than just binging Netflix for the the next few days or weeks.

Don't get me wrong I love a good binge and have already delighted in it since all this has broken out but I am quickly getting tired of it. I am reminded of what summer break felt like before having a car. Waking up, eating, watching tv, eating and repeating it the next day, it gets old quick am I right?

So here are a few things that you can do to make good use of your time:

1. Spend Time with the Lord/ Pray for Others

I know, you saw that coming, but I can't be the only one who wishes I had longer than 20 minutes in the morning to dig into my word and pray to the Lord. Now we have that time so don't miss out on what the Lord wants to show you. Right now more than ever He is speaking and He wants to speak to you!

Also use this time to pray for those who may not have Christ, who have poor immune systems, those who are losing their jobs, those directly affected by the virus etc. There is power in prayer and God hears our prayers and intercession. 

Find a "You" spot to spend some time with Jesus. Now, what do I mean by that? The last two mornings I have gotten my coffee and my bible and went up to my rooftop to sit in the sun and worship with my favorite jam "Victory is Yours" and just listen to nature and have my ears and heart open to hear from Jesus. When I was in Vegas my spot was my front porch and Red Rock, I just love being in or as close to nature as possible, it really helps me feel connected to the Lord. 

I know that spending time with the Lord could be daunting if you don't do it often so find a devotional some of my favorites are Jesus Calling, Red Sea Rules, Delight, and the Gospel Activity Book

Especially now, God is waking up His church because the truth is, this is what happens in a world where God is cut out of it, it turns to chaos and God is calling His people to wake up so I encourage you to be open to Gods voice. 

2. Stretch and Workout

Now is a great time to get your physical health in good shape! You don't need weights and equipment just use your body weight and you will feel the burn I promise, plus instead of coming out of this with a quarantine 15 you can come out of it with some muscle!

There are tons of free resources to working out these days which makes it so easy. Some of my favorite free tools to use is the FitOn App, Whitney Simmons Videos, Ashleigh Jordan Videos, and Sarah's Day Videos

Working out and stretching will not only help you physically but mentally as well. As Elle Woods said "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy." 

3. Clean & Organize

I just know that we have all said something like "man I wish I had an extra day off to organize my closet" or "organize my kitchen drawers" well now is that extra day off girl! 

You have no excuses but to organize you life and you will feel 10 times lighter after you've done so. You got nothin better to do! 

4. Create Something

I know we are not all creatives but we all have some kind of creativity in us so let it flow! Right now my friend Tony is calling all creatives to a challenge and I am calling everyone to this challenge, not just creatives. 

His message is to call everyone to spread hope and love through our social media by art, music, writing, photography, whatever it may be, it doesn't have to be super pretty, draw a tree or rainbow, but to spread hope rather than darkness and more fear. If you want to follow along, check out Tony's Challenge Here

So grab those crayons, paint, and printer paper and draw your heart out! If you aren't into that, than go out and grab some paint and paint a piece of furniture, a wall in your house and do some DIY's. 

My favorite DIY people are Lone Fox, Ashley Petrone, and Sarah Randall.

5. Catch Up with Loved Ones

We are all going through this together and we all have some extra time on our hands. I know that it is really encouraging and refreshing when I get to Facetime my mom or bestie and know your friends and family would love a call from you! 

Use the time you talk to your friends and family to be a time where you encourage them, show them love, and talk about the good right now rather than the chaos, we all could use some hope. 

I hope that these tips helped you in some way and if nothing else, I want you to know that God is still almighty, He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and He holds your life in His hands. He has a plan and solution for all of this and as my COVID-19 anthem song said "When trials unleash like a flood the battle belongs to our God as we cry out in worship." - Victory is Yours by Bethel

If this post helped you, please share to your loved ones and on your social media! Lets spread hope!