I was planning on just doing the one Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide this year but then I started thinking about the books and devotionals and journals I have read and want to include them in a gift guide because those have been some of the best gifts I have received!

If you know someone who loves to read or even to journal, you need to see what I have in this post because that person will LOVE these for Christmas! 

a n d  2. Delight Ministries not only have the best and cutest products, they are also an amazing ministry who reach collage women and have Delight groups all over the US and are equipping women to grow in their faith and impact those around them which I just think is absolutely amazing! I have been reading their Delight Stories and Scriptures book and it has challenged me to go deeper in my faith and understand scripture more! It has been such a blessing! They also have so many resources and even a quiz for the single lady so their site is a super fun time! Check them out also on Instagram.

3. The Marriage Journal is a book by Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, you may know Jeremy from the show Little People Big World. He and his wife are amazing believers who have made this journal to help communicate with your spouse. I have heard them talk all about it on their podcast and it sounds like it really brings unity and helps grow your marriage so I actually asked for this for Christmas this year! 

4. If you are married and struggle praying for your hubby like I do, then you need The Power Of A Praying Wife! I LOVE this book! Not only has it helped me on how and what to pray for when I pray for David but it has shown me how important it is to pray for your husband! So, so good!  

5. We all go through trials and times where things are very hazy and unclear. That is how my season now feels and right before moving to Mexico City, my mom gave me The Red Sea Rules book and it is powerful! I am still reading this book and it is showing me how to understand the season I am in and to accept it knowing that God has a big purpose for it! It has given me so much peace in this season and I CANNOT recommend it enough! 

6. I first read When God Writes Your Love Story when I was 16 or 17 and it was maybe one of the first books i read all the way through (I am NOT a reader.) I read this book when I was really taking the calling to save myself for my future husband seriously and I was wondering when I would meet him and who he was and honestly worrying about it a little too much! This book helped my singleness and my waiting season so much so if you are in that season this is a great book for you or if you know someone in waiting, they will love this book! 

7. If you know a gal who LOVES to journal, you need to get the 6 Minute Diary!  This journal includes weekly questions, habit tracker, and a monthly check in where you can rate yourself on a scale in areas like fun, finances, mindfulness, and health. You just spend 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night and you are on your way to better mental health which I could always use more of! 

8. The Alabaster Company make the most beautiful Bibles! They make each book of the Bible into a visual presentation and it is pretty amazing! We are creative beings and they really use the creativity that the Lord gave them to make beautiful Bibles to speak to other creatives! 

9. About 6 months ago, I posted on my stories about the Gospel Activities book and I got so many questions about it! This is another book that has helped my season in Mexico City so much! This book is like an adult coloring book, because don't you wish you could just sit and color and not be judged?! I do and not I have a good reason to do so! As you color and write in this book answering it's many questions, you get to meditate on the scripture it gives you and dig deeper into your walk with Christ. This book also includes recipes which is always a win in my book! This book is basically every girls favorite things in one book!    

You cannot go wrong with any of these books for your bestie or sister this Christmas! I have received some of these books as a gift and it was the most meaningful gift ever! If you do try any of these books or buy them for the gal in your life let me know how you or they get on with them! I would love to know! 

 Happy shopping!