As many of you know, David and I have been taking our healthy a lot more seriously this year and a way we are doing that is our diet. To start off the year we did the Daniel Fast and we actually loved it for the most part. I explain all about the Daniel Fast and even include the best Daniel Fast approved fudge in a previous post on my page. 

Although, David and I aren't sticking to one kind of diet we are trying to eat as healthy as we can during the week and allow ourselves to indulge a little on the weekends. Since the Daniel Fast, we got used to not eating meat and dairy and I loved it! I was able to explore food in a whole new way! 

I recently met up with Maximina from The Heavenly Vegan to talk about this collaboration and I was a bit hesitant at first because I was still just getting into Vegan dishes and getting used to them. I wanted to make sure that I was giving her a good but honest review about her food. Once I had the meals, I was so excited to try them and I was extremely surprised by my experience. 

"In 2015 Maximina was diagnosed with a serious health condition.  She was told she’d have to go through a series of treatments and surgery to heal her.  With her faith and trust in God she opted for an alternative approach to healing and went on an all raw vegan diet for 3 months.  After this decision, the condition became undetectable and health dramatically improved.

The decision to go vegan started in 2013 after watching a series of documentaries on animal agriculture.  Maximina and her husband discovered the negative impact and treatment of animals was unethical and unsustainable.

Both of the above inspired them to start their meal prep company and soon to be health and wellness kitchen and sit down fast casual restaurant.  The Heavenly Vegan will be Vegas’ first meal prep grab-n-go store!
Not only is the store mostly organic, they source 100%  non-gmo ingredients in their food and beverages. Some of the in store items will be smoothies, refined sugar free and gluten free desserts, brewed, french press coffees and teas as well as raw vegan soups, wraps, and cooked soups, bowls, panini sandwiches, and wraps, toasts, juices, wellness shots and healthy snacks."

Photos from her shop:

Maximina gave us 3 meals to try out: the Falafel Sandwich with gluten free pita, Perfect Protein Bowl, and the Oil Free Spinach Artichoke Dip Portobello Polenta Pizza.

David and I tried the Polenta Pizza and Falafel Sandwich first and let me tell you, both David and I have tried Vegan meals from various restaurants before this collaboration, I like some of the meals we tried before and David did not like ANY most of the time! So as you read this review just know we were not "vegan" people haha.

Read our honest review down below.

The Falafel Sandwich

Included in this meal were all the ingredients you needed to put together the perfect falafel sandwich and I was eager to try this because I had never tried falafels and had always wanted to and I will tell you this dish did not disappoint! After the first bite I looked to David with wide eyes and said "this is actually so good!" I was very surprised by how yummy it was especially because vegan dishes were so hit or miss for me like I said above. The tofu feta and Tahini Tzatziki sauce were such a yummy pair with the falafel and really brought out the flavors in this dish. By far my favorite meal of the three but don't click away yet I have more to say about these delicious meals.

The Perfect Protein Bowl

Honestly, I don't think that Maximina could make something that tastes bad, all of these meals were so good! I loved the Tofu in this meal; it looked, tasted and felt like chicken which is a huge plus when eating tofu! We did need to add some of the Tahini Tzatziki sauce from the Falafel meal just to bring out the flavors so maybe she could include a sauce in this dish too. Overall so good and actually this one was David's favorite!

The Spinach Artichoke Dip Polenta Pizza

Being gluten free, I always hear about Polenta recipes and have never tried using it before because I was intimidated so when I got this meal I was very curious to how it was going to taste. I toasted this in the oven to heat it up and it was so good! I mean let's be honest you can't replace a pizza crust but if you are vegan and gluten free and want to eat healthy this is a GREAT alternative. I love spinach artichoke everything and to put it on a pizza was a great idea! Her meals honestly cannot disappoint!

I can't wait to get myself into her restaurant to try more meals and it is right down the street from where I work so it is a super convenient lunch spot for my husband and I. If you are a local influencer be on the lookout for an event in April or possibly May, there are things in the works!

You guys can check out The Heavenly Vegan on Instagram or by going into the super, aesthetically pleasing, store on Rainbow and Patrick!

Let me know in the comments which meal you would want to try most!