The fact that we are preparing for Valentine's Day is crazy! I feel like Halloween just happened and I was gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, yet here we are talking about Valentine's Day date ideas!

I do want to start off by encouraging all my single ladies out there to not be discouraged but to see this as a time to gear up and get ready for the man that the Lord is preparing for you. This is not a time to be down on yourself because GIRL you are beautiful and amazing and the man who gets you is beyond lucky and blessed! Use this day/night to write a very special letter for your future husband and to pray for him, he may be feeling lonely today too!

If you are in a relationship or married here are a few fun and creative dates you can surprise your man with!

An Evening Walk and Romantic PicnicI love being outdoors and if it is nice enough weather there is nothing I would rather do than be outside. You can prep the dinner or even buy take out for you two and pack it away in your car with a blanket, some candles, and champagne or sparkling cider and drive to a park, the beach, or the mountains take a walk and then surprise him with dinner!

A Movie and Dinner with a TwistI planned a surprise for David one night and made him get out of the house so I had some time to prep and I planned the ultimate movie and dinner night for him, and for myself! David loves movies and I had always wanted to make a fort with my husband. Call it childish but it was so cute and fun! I brought the mattress out into the living room, put some chairs together, hung the sheets, threw some fairy lights up, and lit some candles and we had ourselves a very cute and different date night! We put on a movie and ate in bed in the living room and we both loved it!

Treat Him to His Favorite ThingWhatever that thing is, treat him with it this evening. For David, it is sushi and a movie and even though that is not my favorite thing it makes me happy to see him happy. Valentine's Day is a day to show how much you love and appreciate the person you are with and what better way to do that than serve him?

A Walk Down Memory LaneI am a very sentimental person and I think it is so cute to take your hubby or boyfriend on a tour of all of your significant places. Take him to the your first date spot, where you had your first kiss, that place where you spent the most fun time together, where you got engaged, etc.

Take a Trip to the Nearest Town or CityIt is always nice to be spontaneous and go on an adventure together! Find the nearest little town and drive down with no plans ahead of you!

Sign up for a Cooking Class TogetherIt is so fun to cook dinner together but it is even better when you know what your doing! Sign up for a cooking class and learn a new great meal together!

Craft NightPick up some take out, head to your nearest craft store, pick up a canvas and some paints head home and TRY to paint something while eating and talking to each other. Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best!