I discovered Bio Clarity on Instagram and I immediately wanted to try this new acne treatment. Bio Clarity uses three steps twice a day towards fighting acne and these three steps are quickly making their way into my favorite skin care products!

3 Steps To Clearer Skin

Step one is their cleanser. It is so smooth and soft and contains Cooling Cucumber Extract, Detoxifying Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Calming Chamomile Extract. I love how this cleanser works in the way that it feels like it is penetrating deep into my pores and it feels absolutely amazing on my skin.

Step two is the acne treatment which contains Soothing Oat Kernel Extract and powerful and effective 2% salicylic acid. They say on their site to apply it to the affected area but personally, I add a thin layer all over my face to prevent any acne from coming in other areas that aren't currently being affected. I have not experienced any dryness as of yet but they say if you do, reduce the amount to once a day rather than twice. 

The third step is their Restoring Gel (my personal favorite) which contains their special ingredient, "Proprietary Floralux – naturally derived from chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). The formulation is what makes Bio Clarity so special. It specifically addresses the redness and irritation produced by other acne treatments." I love this Restore Gel because I feel like it really is restoring my skin and helping with the redness that is left behind with spots and it is incredibly moisturizing.  

I have now been using Bio Clarity for about 4 weeks and I have seen an overall improvement in my skin. I still am getting breakouts but I notice that they aren't as large and they definitely dry out a lot quicker. There are areas of my face that haven't broke out since using Bio Clarity and the redness has also gone down in those areas of my skin.

Below are a few shots of my skin after all 4 weeks of using Bio Clarity (warning* it isn't very often that I show my bare face on the internet for all to see, but I know this may benefit someone, so let this be a no judgement zone :))

Week 1 Vs. Week 2
 My face is a little green on the right hand side due to the Restore Gel

You can see in the pictures above that the existing spots that I have on the left side aren't as red and are beginning to dry out. 

 Week 3 vs. Week 4

Week 3 was the best week that I had with Bio Clarity but since using Bio Clarity my spots don't stick around as long and the redness from my spots disappear a lot quicker.

Overall, I think that the three steps in Bio Clarity are really amazing for anyone but especially if you have minimal acne. I can't necessarily speak for someone who has major acne but for me, I really loved this product and it made me feel really refreshed and clean. I would definitely give Bio Clarity a try if you haven't yet.

If you have made it this far, congrats! You actually get something very special which is a discount code for 50% off your entire purchase on Bio Clarity. Head over to their site now and use the coupon code: SAMRUE for 50% off!

Thank you Bio Clarity for teaming up with me for this post!