Guys, there is a new trend in town and I am loving it. Embroidered Everything!! Tops, Jackets, Jeans, everything embroidered! I recently found out about a website called ROMWE and when I looked at the clothing and the prices, my mouth dropped! I have never seen so many cute items at such a great price and you gotta know that I filled my shopping cart up real quick!

This year has really become a year of saving for me and ROMWE has become one of my new favorite clothing sites because of their cute style and amazing prices! I can't wait to show you the embroidered items they have on their site!

When the embroidered trend was just coming out and everyone was wearing embroidered mom jeans, I could not hop on that bandwagon and then I saw Lindsey from The Nomis Niche wearing an incredibly cute white and baby blue striped shirt with embroidery on it and I immediately wanted it. Now I'm obsessed!

I do have to say that I still only like the items that are a little bit more toned down rather than the 90's mom jean but still, I am all about the embroidery these days!

What trends have you been loving lately? Let's talk fashion in the comments!