It is almost the end of Summer, which means it is time to be taking special care of your skin as the dry, cold months are upon us. Living in Vegas means that it is always dry, but especially as Winter is creeping up on me I like to pamper my skin with hydrating, all natural, oils to keep it looking and feeling great through the Winter season. akar skin has the best oils and skin care product to keep your skin feeling and looking its best all year around. They say:
Akar means "white crystal" in Tibetan. 
"White crystal is a symbol for purity, as is Akar’s desire to create potent products that are pure and 100% natural.
We draw our inspiration from the Tibetan plateau. Free from pollution at its high altitudes, the land houses botanicals in their purest form."
If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I love product that is all natural and that is why I love the akar skin products so much! 

The Lush Balance Toning Mist's  2 main ingredients are Rose Water and Neroli Flower Water (Neroli is the flowers found on orange trees) to help restore your skins PH levels. This toning mist is a great for protecting your skin from free radicles and smoothing out your fine lines and wrinkles. I especially love this toning mist for its amazing fresh floral scent. When I first sprayed this on my skin I knew without looking at the ingredients that they had used flower water because it literally smells like you are running in a flower field, it smells so good! 

The Neat Remedy Face Oil is the perfect oil for those of you who have normally oily or combination skin and problem skin. It helps to "balance your skin's sebum level, calm inflammations and clarify your completion without drying out your skin." I love to use this oil all over my face at night as my moisturizer and I love how it makes my skin feel in the morning. It is really hydrating without it feeling oily. The Desert Rescue Face Oil works really well as a moisturizer too. I will rotate these two and use them as my moisturizers and they make my skin feel so great in the morning. 

The Desert Rescue Face Oil's two main ingredients are Boabab oil which "is high in oleic acid, making it really effective at sealing in moisture" and Jojoba oil which "is very similar to the sebum our skin produces, enabling rapid absorption." It is also very high in vitamins A, E, and D and antioxidants. I used this oil on my face after being in the sun all day and really gave my dry skin the moisture it needed. 

The Ruby Tint Lip Butter has been my favorite product from akar skin. "The color is derived from alkanet root and leaves a subtle red hue on your lips." I love the tint from this lip butter, it is just enough to bring some color to your lips and it is so moisturizing.

I love what they say over on "Traditional lip balms contain petroleum (mineral oil) in their formulation. This creates a false sense of hydration by completely sealing the lips like a plastic coating while clogging and suffocating the pores, leaving your lips drier with time. With our carefully formulated petroleum free lip butter, say goodbye to chapped lips." It is so true! I notice that when I use normal chapsticks, they can be too heavy and end up leaving my lips feeling more dry but this lip butter is perfect! It doesn't feel too sticky and it leaves my lips actually feeling moisturized. 

The Mini Care Lip Butter is made with the same ingredients as the Ruby Tint Lip Butter and it is just as hydrating. I like to put this on at night before going to sleep and when I wake up my lips are so smooth. This lip butter stays on for so long and I don't need to reapply so often. 

The Nutrient Boost Eye Serum "is formulated specifically to reduce puffiness, dryness, dark circles and wrinkles. It contains goji seed oil that is rich in essential fatty acids, working synergistically with pumpkin seed oil, mushroom extract and a wealth of nutritive plant extracts to tighten and rejuvenate tired skin." I love this eye serum, I put it on over night and when I wake up my eyes feel and look so much more awake. 

I loved all of these products from akar ski and I LOVE that they are all natural and so good for your skin. If you would like some more information about their brand and products than click here to be brought to their website. 

What are your go to products when you are approaching Winer?

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