Looks from: Forever 21Urban Outfitters, and Z Supply.

Fall is right around the corner and I am so looking forward to my fall wardrobe and with a new season, of course comes new clothing! I have been shopping around and I am seeing a couple of trends for this fall. I made up a little fall wish list/guide for you guys and all of these items are so affordable too! 

1. Medallion Choker: I have been so obsessed with these chokers and I think that this would look amazing with a graphic tee and cardigan or jean jacket! 

2. Faux Suede Sandals: I currently own a pair of these sandals and I am telling you, they are the perfect little heal to spice up a rather casual outfit. I am so excited to wear them with a pair of ripped jeans and a big comfy cardigan or my leather jacket. 

3. Faux Leather Fringe Moto Jacket: I have been seeing a lot of leather jackets paired with a pretty, blush dress like this one and I am absolutely loving this look for the Fall! I love to pair edgier pieces with very pretty delicate pieces, I think it looks so amazing together!

4. Suede Pocket Tee: This T-shirts is from one of my favorite brands called Z Supply and I own a few of their shirts and they are the most comfy and casual shirts ever! Suede is really in this Fall so when I saw that they had a Sued pocket tee come out, I got so excited! Z Supply is my go to for simple, plain, cute tees and tanks. 

5. Faux Suede Bomber Jacket: Okay, so I am so obsessed with bomber jackets right now and I currently own a silk pink one but when I saw this suede one I immediately thought "I need it" are 2 bomber jackets too many?... I may have a bit of a shopping problem. 

6. Simple Vegan Suede Bolo Necklace: I have been so in love with these bolo necklaces and I think that they are the perfect touch for any outfit this fall. 

7. Faux Suede Ball Cap: I love ball caps already but a suede one?! I think Suede is the theme of the day! I love pairing my suede cap with my bomber jacket and I think it is just the cutest outfit for this season! 

8. Camouflage Print Shirt Jacket: "I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops." (Comment the movie title if you got my reference.) 
Camo is back and I am personally so excited! I love camo print so I will be rocking it this fall for sure! 

9. Vegan Leather Wrap Necklace: I have been loving these chokers and I think that they are the perfect accessory for a simple fall outfit. I definitely need to go out and get me some more of these!  

10. BDG Carter Cardigan: If there is one thing that I will always love, it is a good winter cardigan. Cardigans are my all time favorite part about the fall/winter fashion and every year I get so excited that I get to wear my cardigans once again. 

What are you most excited for this fall? Is there any one item you cannot wait to wear this Season?
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