I have been absolutely loving the new Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquids. I went to the store the other day and saw these new, vibrant lip colors and with summer right around the corner, I just had to test a few of them.

I got these in the shades Possessed Plum, Orange Shot, and Berry Boost.
I love the consistency of these because they are like a lipgloss when you first apply them, but they last like a chapstick and look like a matte lipstick (they are the whole package!) At first I wasn't sure how I would like these because I don't normally like how lipgloss feels but with these colors, I love how moisturizing they are and they last a pretty long time. I didn't have to reapply these colors until mid-day which is pretty good in my opinion! I know that a lot of people don't normally like matte lip products because they can be pretty drying but trust me, these lip glosses are not like your typical matte lipstick.
The only thing that I am not too fond of is that they are pretty staining. They will stain your skin a little if they get anyplace other than your lips, and I imagine they can stain your clothing too so just be careful of that (not a huge downfall but something to consider.)

Do you own any Matte lip products that you love... or even hate? Lets chat about it!