I remember being in school and getting care packages from my mom that were most of the time filled with muffins or other treats that I liked and a love note. Now don't get me wrong, I loved my moms care packages but the ones that the creators of Fox In The Hen House create, are really something special. 

The minds behind Fox In The Hen House are none other than your average college students that saw a need and are filling it. They are creating the most unique college care packages that are geared toward the true need of a college student. 

"A few college students with minimum experience, but unparalleled initiative began talking freely about what they would want their careers to look like. It was pretty unanimous; none of us wanted the ordinary. We wanted to inspire, and to do that, you have to create."

What is included in these unique care packages: 

"Fox in the Hen House" Mug
Hot Cocoa or Coffee Beans
2x Journals
2x Notepads 
3x Pens
3x Fox in the Hen House stickers
2x Chapstick
"Fox in the Hen House" Comfort Colors T-shirt 
A personal note from the purchaser if sent in someone else's name
And lastly, a "Thank You" note from the amazing creators of Fox In The Hen House

Interview With the Creators:

How did you guys come up with the company name? 

So the idea of a "care package" really became popular during the world wars, by organizations such as Red Cross, etc. So-going along with that old/vintage theme, we looked into some wordisms from that time frame that signified that a package had reached its destination and was delivered. Which brought us to "Fox in the Hen House." Back then it meant several things, a soldier had met at a rendezvous, one had snuck behind enemy lines, or when a care package had reached those in need.
So we felt like it was a perfect fit, the fox had reached the hen house. Our care package has reached its destination!

How did you guys come up with the conclusion of creating care packages?

My friend Garrett and I were at a coffee shop one night discussing ideas that would improve our time at college. I stated how I wish my parents could send me a college care package, that isn't simply noodles or cheap plastic pens (things I would use for a few days then toss), but a package that had awesome and efficient stuff.

When did you guys come up with the idea?

The idea and push for the company all began early February in Louisville, KY

What have been the successes and the difficulties with your journey so far?

We've been able to have so much fun, we are not limited at all to what we can create and design. It's been awesome to network and connect with people all over the country that love and support our idea. It's been such a humbling and valuable learning experience thus far. We'll be able to apply the things we learned to make Fox in the Hen House even more efficient and awesome, while still remaining practical.

Start ups aren't cheap, which is why we've been offering gifts in return for donations to get people feeling excited about our August launch and even more great things to come. I'm from Massachusetts, Kyle is from Georgia, while the company is stationed in Kentucky. Sometimes our lives seem all over the place. 

While they are still preparing to launch their company they would love your support through donation and in return they will send you a free product (relative to the donation amount). 

If you would like to get in touch with Fox in the Hen house you can visit their website and if you would like to follow them through this journey you can follow them on social media. 

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