I am so excited that summer is here! Even though I am realizing that I am not in school anymore and I don't have summer vacations, I still really enjoy summer and the feeling that it brings. In Vegas it gets really... I mean really hot, to the point that you sometimes don't even want to leave your house, but nonetheless I am ready and excited. 

Around the time Winter is coming to an end I am so ready for Summer and ready to store away all of my Winter items and pull out the things I'll be needing for this warm weather.
I put together a few of my Summer essentials. 

Summer Essentials 

The first thing that I always get excited about is that it's time to pull out are all of my Summer time clothing. Like my gladiator sandals, I just love the ones that Forever 21 has up right now and they are greatly priced. Denim skirts are really in this season and perfect for these hot days, I have one from Target that is only $20 right now. Another thing that I love to wear is hats, especially when I go to the beach, I got mine from Forever 21 and of course the biggest summer essentials is a cute bathing suit (I do not own the one in the picture but I wish I did)  I love getting my bathing suits from Target and they even have some similar to the one in the pictures on their site now. Nordstrom BP has a lot Ray Ban Sunglasses but they also have some pretty great lower end sunglasses, I have a pair that I bought for $12 and I love them!

When it comes to Summer, it is time to break out the bright nail polish and I am really loving the color pink on my nails. I normally only paint my nails neutral colors, if I even get to painting my nails at all (I'm boring) but I recently tried an O.P.I polish in the color Strawberry Margarita and I am loving it for Summer. Waterproof mascara is a must for Summer, if you're in the water or just live in the humidity, it is a must! My favorite waterproof mascara is the Maybelline Colossal Mascara and in the heat of summer I hate wearing heavy foundation especially when I lay out to tan so instead I trade my foundation out for some tinted moisturizer and my favorite is the Neutrogena BB Cream Tinted MoisturizerThere is nothing that I love more than the "just spent the day swimming" hair look, so I'll spray a little Sea Salt Spray in my hair. I love the Bumble and Bumble Spray and I have also tried the Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray and both are great. When the weather is hotter, I don't like to use such a heavy perfume so I often opt. for a body mist and I am loving the Victoria Secret Tease Body Mist.

Now, for the days you head to the beach you will need to stay hydrated, I love these Hydro Flask's they are the best water bottles for Summer because they keep your water cold for 24 hours (I love mine). And of course you will need a towel.  I am loving these round towels, here are ones on Amazon that are similar to the one in the picture.

I am so excited that Summer is here and I am so ready to break out all of my essentials.

What are some of the essentials that you guys use in the Summer?