Hello ladies!

I had recently watched a video of a girl trying the e.l.f Acne Fighting Foundation and after watching that video I had to try this foundation for myself and see how well it worked for me. This foundation has Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel, Camphor, Tea tree and Aloe. 

I have done my research and all of these ingredients are good for your acne. I will leave the benefits below.

Salicylic Acid: breaks up the bacteria
Witch Hazel: is great to fight acne but it does dry out your face (good for drying out your acne)
Camphor: an oil that revitalizes and rejuvenates your skin
Tea Tree: oil kills bacteria and is great to use even as a spot treatment
Aloe: prevents swelling and inflammation.  

So this should be a really great foundation for those pesky little spots!

I got it in the shade Porcelain (the lightest shade they have because I'm white as heck) and it was a perfect match, what a surprise! The bottle is pretty cool, the only thing is that after using this product for a while the writing on the bottle does come off so that is just a little annoying but not a big deal at all!

... And I didn't take pictures of the product before all the words came off the bottle so now I have learned my lesson because these pictures aren't the best but that is A-Ok!

First Impression
I LOVED how it applied and you really don't need to use that much product. I applied it with a damp, wedge sponge and it went on great! I found that the coverage was AMAZING too!
...Later That Day
I found that this foundation lasts a pretty long time, quite a bit longer than my normal foundation does! Still this foundation doesn't last as long as I would like but I may just have weird skin that doesn't like keeping makeup on my face for very long, I don't know!

After One Week
I still am loving this foundation and I am really seeing an improvement in my skin. I don't know if it is the foundation or if it is just a coincidence. Nevertheless I am still loving it!

The picture below is after one week of using the e.l.f Acne Fighting Foundation (I don't have a before picture) but before using this product, I had spots all over my chin area and on my cheek (yeah just one.. odd). After one week those spots had started to shrink and be less noticeable. The spots on my cheek have been a problem for a while and those even started to go away too.  
After Two Weeks
I REALLY love this product and my face has for sure cleared up from using it, as well as taking extra care of my face, but I believe that this foundation has had a lot to do with it. I will for sure be repurchasing this product and for only $6 why wouldn't I?!

In the picture below, the spots on my cheek are hardly noticeable and the ones on my chin are in the end stages and are disappearing a little bit more everyday.
If you are struggling with acne I encourage you to try this foundation out. I think you guys will really like the full coverage it has and the fact that it helps fight off your acne is a bonus when it comes to foundation.

I hope this post helped you guys out and if you guys have any foundations that you swear by please leave them in the comments!