Does anyone else LOVE to get rid of clothes? You might answer with a big fat NO because we love to keep an article of clothing because "we might need that for a party, or an event one day," right?! If there is one thing to know about me it's that I love cleaning out my closet and getting rid of what I don't wear anymore! There is nothing more refreshing than throwing out the old and of course making room for the new!

Here is what my spring cleaning process looks like:

If we are heading into Spring I will only clean out my Spring/Summer clothing and leave my Winter attire for the next time, feel free to do your entire wardrobe though :)


I will go through all my clothes tossing onto my bed things that I know for sure aren't my style anymore. During this part, be honest with yourself, I say things to myself like: "This is not my style anymore, who am I kidding!"  


I go through the pile of clothes that I just took out of my closet and separate each item into a donate pile and a sell pile. Some of the things you are getting rid of might be something that you can sell at your local thrift shop or on Poshmark (one of my favorite apps). 

***Poshmark is an amazing app that you can sell and buy things off of and it is my secret weapon whenever I clean out my closet. You can see some things that I have bought from poshmark on my last post here and follow me HERE to see what I am selling. 


Take the items that you put in the donate pile and put them into a bag to donate.  


Go through your closet a second time and try on everything that you may be second guessing. If it doesn't fit the way you want it to, isn't your style, or has any holes then toss it on your bed.

**REPEAT STEPS 2 and 3.   


Go through one last time and if you second guess any item AT ALL take it off your hanger, this time putting it in a duffle bag or storage bin (I put my pile in a storage bin under my bed.) If I take a piece of clothing out of this box to wear anytime during the season then I will hang it back up.  

**At the end of the Spring and Summer season I will take the clothing that was left in the bin under my bed and will repeat steps 2 and 3

(and here is a picture of me in my natural habitat for your enjoyment)

One great thing to throw out that sometimes goes unseen is undergarments and under shirts! For any of you men out there looking for some new undergarments check out I wish I was a man so I could buy some of these underwear! (that may be the strangest sentence that ever came out of my mouth!)

I hope these tips have helped you guys out! 

Do you guys have any great tips on how you clean out your closet? I would love to know!