I have really been loving this winter season and in Vegas it is already starting to warm up (which means it's gonna be a HOT summer and I am not looking forward to it!) With Winter disappearing I thought I would post some of my favorite outfits that I wore this Season!

I got the beanie at forever 21 about 2 years ago, the shirt is from a place we have here in Vegas called Foreign Exchange and they have amazing deals! I got the shirt on sale for $9.90 and the cardigan for $17.95. I have been loving these boots this winter and I got them from an app called Poshmark and on this app you can sell your clothing on it and you can also buy used clothing and these boots were hardly used and I got them for $10! What a steel! 
This hat is from Forever 21 for about $15, Cardigan from Forever 21 and was bought about 2 years ago, Shirt is from Urban Outfitters on sale for $20. 
My scarf is from Foreign Exchange for $6.90, cardigan from a garage sale for only $1.50 (I am obsessed with garage sales), shoes are from Just Fab for $39.95.  
One thing that I do love about Winter is that you can be a bit more fashionable where as summer all you can really wear is shorts and a T-shirts because it is just too hot, but I am very excited for Summer and all the fun trips and activities that come along with it! 

What have been some of your favorite outfits from this Winter season? Are you guys excited for Summer?