It is the beginning of a new year, the beginning of new memories, and the beginning of a changed year.  It is always nice and refreshing when a new year starts.  It is the time when everyone may be going to the gym a little more (I know I will), decluttering their life, cleaning out the closet, or do things they have always wanted to but just havn't actually done yet.  I am all for fresh starts and changes.  2015 was a good year and you can read all about my year here but there are few things that I want to improve on in the year 2016.

Here are some of mine:
Go to the Gym More: It's not that I feel I need to lose weight, I just want to be in better shape, be healthier, and tone up. That leads me into my next resolution.
Live a Healthier Lifestyle: In the beginning of last year I was really starting to eat better, drink more water, and work out a little more and when I went to Bible College I kind of lost all of that, so this will be something to work on.
-Be More Independent: I have learned recently that I depend on other people a little too much so this year I want to work on going more places by myself, doing more things that make me happy, and stop being so shy!
-Care Less About What Others May Be Thinking of Me: I think to a certain extent caring about others opinions are good because I believe it helps you grow but I care too much, to the point where I am driven by it.  My problem is, that I base a lot of my decisions and action off of what I think someone else will think about me.  I want to stop being so worried about other peoples' opinions and pleasing every single person with my actions.  I want to please the Lord with my actions and stop worrying about man's opinions.
-Live More Simply: It all started with wanting to redecorate my room.  All of the pictures I saved to My Room Board on Pinterest scream simplicity.  I feel I have too many nick nack's that have no purpose.  I want to go through all of my clothes, give some away, and try to organize all of my clothing.  #lifegoal!

Well there you have it peeps my new years resolutions.  Do you guys have your resolutions for this year and are you good at keeping them? Let me know :)  Happy New Year!!!