It has been almost two years since I've started my blog and I think it is pretty over due for an introduction.
My name is Samantha but you can call me Sam, I am the author (That sounds weird!) behind Lavender and Honey.

What do you blog about: I write mostly lifestyle, fashion and beauty posts.

What are some of your hobbies and interest: Besides the love of blogging, I also love to sing, play guitar, do hair and makeup, I love fashion, photography, interior design, and pretty much anything that is more on the creative side and I recently developed a desire for traveling.

What first got you interested in blogging: I was originally interested in blogging because of the fact that I could let all of my creativity out somewhere. I was inspired to start blogging from reading Zoella's blog and watching her youtube videos. She is by far my favorite blogger and youtuber ever and she basically inspires me to do everything! #fangirling

What is your favorite thing about blogging: Ever since I started blogging I have really fell in love with it and all the little details that go into every post, I love taking pictures and writing and another great thing about the blogging world, is the community! I have recently met a lot of great bloggers (via Twitter (See my Last Post  for more details)) and have discovered amazing new blogs!

3 Interesting facts about you: 
1. I am slightly (by slightly I mean very!) still afraid of the dark
2. I have traveled to 7 places in the past 2 years, Israel being one of them
3. I went to one school my whole life and now work there

What are your longterm blogging goals: I would absolutely love for my blog to grow to a point where blogging is what I do and to see people coming here to build friendships and basically have my blog be a little community for people.  I want to see my passion for blogging to grow and just see where this little guy takes me!

What gets you guys interested in blogging, what are some of your goals?