Ummm what?! January is already over and it blows my mind! Only 11 more months till 2017! Okay now I'm getting carried away. This month I have been loving a lot of things and I couldn't wait to do my very first Monthly Favorites! Well lets get into it!

Lets start off with one of my favorite things!


Primer: I got the Porefessional as a Christmas gift and this stuff literally lasts you so long! You only need about half a pea sized drop and you can prime your whole face! I have noticed that my makeup applies better and last longer with this primer! 

Foundation: I have been hearing some good things about the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and I finally gave it a try! I got it in shade 115 Ivory #palegirlprobs.  This foundation has two different finishes, there is Dewy+Smooth and there is Matte+Poreless.  I got the Dewy+Smooth because I have fairly dry skin and I like it but I think I may try the Matte+Poreless next time and see the difference.

Contour: The NYX Contour Kit  is bomb! I love that it comes with individual colors so that when you run out of a particular color, you can go and buy that one shade and you don't have to repurchase the whole pallet.  As you can see I am almost out of one shade and will be needing to go to the store real soon!

Skin Care and Hair Care 

Face Wash: I am absolutely in love with the Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing and Makeup Remover! Guys, this stuff has done wonders for my face! Here is a little skin story for you. Before using this face wash, I had been breaking out pretty bad for about a year and a half, I tried the Clarisonic and one of their face washes and I did see an improvement for about a month or two and then my face started to get bad again. Then I tried this natural face wash and my skin is clearing up! I still use this with my Clarisonic every once and a while for some exfoliation and I just love it. That's all I can say, I LOVE IT!

Mask: The Mask of Magnaminty by Lush is just lovely! It smells so good and it feels even better! I love the pepermint that is in it that gives my face a cold and fresh feeling. This mask has been great for my skin and of course my acne too!  

Hair Butter: This hair butter is by the brand Ogx and it is great! A few months back I got my hair dyed and it was bleached and it damaged my hair so bad to the point that I had more split ends leaving than I came in with! I put this on when I get out of the shower and it has put some life back into my hair.  It also it great for those days when you wake up late and don't have time to do your hair, just rub a little of this between your hands and run it through your bed head locks and give them a little scrunch and you have some awesome beach waves! 


Local Natives: I know I am pretty late on this bandwagon (no pun intended) but I have been listening to Local Natives non stop.  They are so good and I really want both of their albums on vinyl for my birthday! I just love their sound so much!


Headed Somewhere
I absolutely love this blog so much that it is one of my regular reads. I love how real Mary is and she makes me feel that i've known her for years through her writing.  Her pictures are so beautiful and I love the sense of family she has in her blog!

Mandy Charlotte
I have been reading Mandy's blog a lot lately and I just love it!  Her sweet and wonderful personality comes out in her writing and I love the subjects of all of her posts! Not only is her blog one of my favorite things this month but she herself is too!


Water: The water app is a place where you can enter in how many ounces of water you are drinking in your day.  I have a major issue with forgetting to drink water so this app has been really good. You can set a reminder for whatever time you want, I set my reminder for every two hours and it really has helped me drink more water!


Garage Saling (selling?): So I have been going to a lot of garage sales for the past couple of weeks to find a retro styled dresser for my room and it is just so hard not to pick up a few things a long the way! I got a Free People shirt for $2! What a deal! I did find the dresser I was looking for and I absolutely love it!!  (the missing handle was being repaired)

What were some of your favs in January? Leave them in the comments!