Is anyone else already thinking about their Christmas list?  I know I am and everything else that is in between.  Now that Fall is here (even though it is still stinkin 90 degrees in Vegas!!!) it has gotten me so excited about the Holidays! I find my mind drifting to carving pumpkins, drinking warm pumpkin spiced lattés, eating a whole lot of sweets, Thanksgiving meal, chilled nights, and of course my Christmas list!  Here is what my list looks like so far.

Although all these things are great and exciting it can be a very crazy time of the year.
During the Holidays is when I am at my busiest.  First off, this month consists of three 21's birthdays (I've got two down and one more to go), I am throwing my annual Pumpkin Carving Party, and Christmas Choir rehearsals start.  In November my family and I always serve at Blessfest which is an event that my Church puts on that serves the homeless in the biggest way I have ever seen.  About 1,100 people come on Thanksgiving day and get opportunities like dental work done, social work, makeovers, a Thanksgiving meal, a bag of new clothes, and a list of so much more.
With so many fun events coming up, that just means that I will have plenty of material for you guys to read up on.
What are some of the things that you are doing this fall or wanting for Christmas? Leave your list in the comments down below even if it is a far off dream... I know most of my list is and I will talk to you guys soon!