Happy Fall Y'all! I have been coming across a lot of fall pictures that are just getting me so excited for the season.  Being that I live in Las Vegas I don't really know what Fall is... sad I know! I have always wanted to go somewhere on the East coast during the Fall, or somewhere where I'll actually see other colors then brown.
Since the moment I was thinking about going to school in Seattle I have been looking at pictures of the beautiful scenery that is there, and my heart has been longing for that type of Fall. I think it is safe to say that the next trip I plan most definitely needs to be to Seattle, but luckily that's where we are going for our next Missions Trip!

Here are the pictures that have been giving me the Fall Feels I hope I pass it on to you!

(via: Cannelleville on instagram)

Most of the pictures are from Pinterest except one that I found on Instagram taken by Cannelleville.  She has the best feed so make sure to give her a follow! One other thing that has been on my mind this season, do you guys follow great Instagrams and wish that you could have an insta just like them? Or half as good for that matter? I have been working on my feed, trying to get those pictures with all the same effect and that certain look that everybody loves.  What are some great people you guys follow on Instagram?
Leave your comments down below and I will talk to you guys soon!