Hello my Lovelies!

Life in Vegas has been pretty crazy but, not the kind of crazy that everyone is used to when they hear the word "Vegas".  Since being home from school I have come to really appreciate my home with the beautiful mountains we have, our sunsets, and I have even come to appreciate the Las Vegas Strip (in a certain light!)

After my first semester at Bible College I was planning to spend my second semester in Seattle. As I was leaving Murrieta I was 90% sure on my decision to go to Seattle and then I came home...
While being home I started noticing that the reasons I was wanting to go to Seattle, was more because 1. I wanted to live there  2. I wanted to be with my friends. I really began to realize that when I thought of going to Seattle and going to class that I was not looking forward to learning about the Lord in a classroom setting but got really excited at the thought of being home and going to church and learning about the Lord in that setting.

Then I began to really pray about where the Lord was leading me and it was heavily set on my heart to stay home. Initially I was so happy the the Lord was leading me to stay home but then the more I thought of it, the more the thought of staying here really scared me. I began thinking "Im a failure, if I'm not going to school then what the heck am I going to do in life, what is my career going to be, and Lord what is your plan?" I then began praying "Lord if you are keeping me home, open up a job for me at church." Two weeks later the receptionist job (the job I was eyeing for a year) was available! I applied as soon as I could, in two weeks I interviewed, and then started two weeks after.  *Plus, I get to work along side of my best friend!*
The Work of the Lord is AMAZING! I can't believe what He is doing in my life and to just think of where He will be leading me in the future.

How wonderful the Lord is that He is allowing me to serve him everyday in His house! Praise the Living Lamb!!

Be expecting more posts because now I sit at church all day and have the opportunity to be still and silent... and write more blogs!
Talk to you real soon!