Hi guys!  Man is it great to be home! 
It has only been a week and half since I've been home, but it seems that I have been here for a whole summer already. It sure has been an eventful time beginning with weddings, to coffee shop hangs to lots of Jesus filled fellowship. 

Although, it has been loads of fun to be home I am missing me some CCBC peeps and some Murrieta Hot Springs. Thinking back to when I was still deciding on going to CCBC, I know now that the Lord truly wanted me there and wanted to stretch me in ways that I never thought He would. For example, leaving home. I had some anxiety and doubt before leaving because I was going to be away from home for the first time and forced into making new friends. Being where I am now, I realize that I am beyond blessed to have attended Bible College. He was able to show things about myself that I would have never learned while being in the comfort of my own home. It was a time of healing and shaping. 

All in all, I truly loved that chapter in my life and I am very grateful to the Lord for the people He brought into my life. Now, I'm excited for the next chapter to begin. Lord willing, I will be widening my horizons by attending CCBC Seattle. That right folks! The girl that was scared to move 4 hours away from home is planning on moving 17 hours away! No biggie... jk I'm still a little freaked out, but God is good and always faithful! I also may be endeavoring into some missions in France. My only request is that you wonderful viewers of mine will pray for provision and peace in my life. 

So I think that's about it. Here are pictures from Laura and Daniel's wedding with my bestie James, Doulos Ladies Bible Study, and my last night with my dear Sam.