School is over guys which means I can blog now!  Blogger was blocked from the schools Wifi (don't ask me why).

These last 2 week has been the most adventurous weeks of my life!
First I went to the Finale of American Idol last Wednesday, after the Finale that night we went to the Urban Lights in Los Angeles, I went to Salvation Mountain on Friday, and after my semester ended my parents and I traveled down to Mission Bay in San Diego for a little two day vacation.  Good news is I have pictures for your viewing.  So sit back and enjoy!

At the Finale our group got put in the front row and I was sat next to the "Hot Seats" and they sat Steven Tyler and his friends next to me.  What a crazy night!! We were very close to the Judges and also got to talk to Ryan Seacrest and Clark Beckham (the runner up).  It was the greatest night ever! 

"Why not go to the Urban Lights while we are all dressed up and take pictures?"
A great ending to a great night!

"Hey Sam let's take a cool hipster pic with these dead fish." ~ Lacey 
On our way to Salvation Mountain we stopped by the Salt Sea.  When we first got here we started walking down to the water and I thought we were walking on sand but, when I took a closer look it was tiny fragments of dead fish bones... Yum!  
Because of all the salt in the sea the fish who come close to this part of the sea die and wash up on the shore.  It was actually really disgusting!

This was just a day of checking off things on our bucket list! 
All of us have always wanted to go on top of a train and when we saw one stopped on the tracks we could not pass up the chance to hop aboard.  

After our adventure on the train we headed down toward Salvation Mountain.  The man who made this lived here in his little trailer truck for 28 years working on this beautiful mountain but sadly he died about 2 years ago. It was perfect for taking pictures because of all the storm clouds that day.  We also went to a very very... very small town called Slab City.  If you ever go to Salvation Mountain make sure you go behind it and drive through Slab City.  It will blow your mind that people actually live there.

After moving out and leaving school my parents and I drove down to Mission Bay where we stayed for 2 days.  It was so nice to have a mini vacation before going back to the reality of Vegas.  It is so weird to think that my 4 months of school is already over.  It went so fast!

On Thursday we went to La Jolla and drove through some neighborhoods by the beach where we saw amazingly beautiful homes.  It seemed that every house had a different unique door and they were just too perfect that I had to take a picture in front of one!

Well now that Blogger is not blocked from my computer I can go back to blogging semi consistently. I hope to tell you my experience at CCBC in my next post so be expecting that soon.  It's good to be back! Well its off to bed with me.