Okay you guys we are back at it! It is time to get back in the groove of things, which means... consistent blogging!  I thought to kick things off I would continue Fashion Fridays.

Today my friend James and I went to a coffee shop where our friend works and we did our devo's and homework/blog writing!  James is currently going to school in Virginia and he comes home for a few weeks every summer so we all try to grab a chance at hanging out with him, but it has been so good having him here and now that he is here he can take good pictures of all of us!

Today I am wearing a new shirt that I got from some shop in La Jolla a few weeks ago when I was there with my parents after they picked me up from school.  This shop was so cute and not too expensive!  I am also wearing my boyfriend jeans from Charlotte Russe and sandals from Kohl's (people always ask if I got them at Steve Madden... nope Kohl's for $18.99!) My necklace is from my friend Paula and she makes them herself!  It's moss in a bottle!!  I have some pretty talented friends! 

Well thanks for reading through and I'll talk to you guys real soon! 
Have a good weekend friends!