Hey lovely people! 
I found a product that i have been raving about! 
This is kind of a wordy post but the words are worth a million! 

Lately i have not been having the best of luck with my skin and i have only used powdered foundation for a couple years now.  For some reason i never liked liquid, i don't know if it was just because it takes too long to put on, it would make my face look like a cake, or because i thought it made my face feel dewy all day, but i found myself saying that i would never go back to liquid foundation.  For the past couple of months i have been having breakouts and i was just hoping they would go away before i had to use liquid foundation but that didn't happen.  Concealer and powdered foundation just were not cutting it and i caved.  

My best friend uses this foundation and she says it is really good and i have seen that it is one of, if not the best drugstore foundation.  (luckily i found my perfect color on the first go).  I used this product for the last two days and i put it on two different ways.  The first way was with the blender sponge.  I felt like i needed a lot of foundation before my face would be covered with the beauty blender.  The second way i applied it was with a normal brush.  I felt like this way i wasn't wasting all my foundation and only needed a little to cover my face.  

 It has full coverage, it last all day, and it doesn't make my face feel dewy.  It feels like I'm wearing only powder foundation and is super light weight.
This product definitely has my thumb up!  
If you guys are looking for a good foundation i highly recommend this one!

Comment down below telling me what your favorite beauty products are!
See you guys soon!