Hello lovelies!!!
Praise The Lord for Fridays!  My Friday was actually on Tuesday and i had to work this morning but only for 4 hours which flew by so it was all fine and dandy and now i have tomorrow off so it's like i basically had 4 days off because i worked for so little today.... i could get used to this!

So on Wednesday i had my internship at the church and then church service later Wednesday night.

What i wore Wednesday...

Thursday Rachel and i went to Hobby Lobby to shop for our Christmas Tea Table decorations.

Our church has a Ladies Christmas Tea every year and there are a lot of tables and ladies enjoying their one night to dress up and fellowship with one another.  Rachel and i decided we wanted to host a table together as our last thing we do together before i leave for school.  Our table theme is Bohemian with accent colors of Gold, Deep Purple and a Light kind of Frosted Grape color.  basically we will have the cutest table there! 

This was Thursday... 

R and S always next to each other!! 

I wish you all wonderful weekends.  Make it fun and exciting, do something out of the ordinary, something that is an adventure, and make memories!! 
I love you all 

Keep it Beautiful