This week has been a bit hectic with all the festivities and such. Ill just tell you guys what I did this friday instead of a "Fashionista Friday" (cause I'm the worst at remembering anything).
So friday was halloween!! I went as a cat but my costume was a bit boring.
I saw a picture of this girl on Pinterest who was dressed up as Minnie Mouse but her makeup was just so amazing!
I went to the costume store the day of (bad idea) and there were a total of two costumes left, neither of which were Minnie so I dicided I can still do the makeup as a cat and that is what I did!
Here is the picture I was following:

mine is a little different from hers but i really liked it!

two mermaid men, two barnacle boys, and two kitties

This was halloween of 2014 and a good one it was. i already have ideas of what to be next year which is bizarre because i didn't know what i was being till the day of this year! 
i hope al of you guys had a fun halloween night and i will talk to you guys friday!

Keep it Beautiful