Hey everyone! it was too late last night to post but early saturday morning is good enough!
i have to go into work soon which is not fun but at least I'm makin that money!
soon i won't even have a job and ill just be in school!!! i cannot wait for these next 3 months to go by!

Yesterday was a very good day! i got to sleep in, i went running, and got to hangout with my best friend!

Nothing better then Starbucks while your shopping and their christmas cups are so festive!

i want this bag for school and it was on sale! it is perfection. 

Rachel found some things for her room so after shopping we went back to her house and put everything up and i forgot to take a picture of the final result but it looked so cute!

For the fashion part... i wore this wednesday.  None of these pieces are new but i'll still list where i got them.  

Pacsun: Necklace and Cardigan
Target: Dress
i have no idea where i got the shoes because they are about two years old but they are just brown oxfords that I'm sure you can find anywhere.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!