hi everyone! so i did a little shopping and wanted to share what i got with you and tell you guys where i got these things and how i like them.  i went to target because i needed one thing and i walked out with five.  everything i got was cheap so thats always good.  I'm not really one to go spend a lot of money on my makeup if i don't need to and also because i don't have a lot of money to be splurging.  i did notice that when i went to the e.l.f. section the prices went up.  the lipsticks used to be $1 and now some of them are up to $3.  $3 is still very cheep but i like the sound of $1 a lot better.
what is in your shopping bag?

(in Classic Black   Price: $5.99)

I have been using this mascara for about 4 years and it is one out of two mascaras i use.  i also use "they're Real!" by Benefit.  i will not use any other mascara than these two because they do not clump your eyelashes and if you get some on your eyelid you just take a dry q-tip and wipe it off.  it is not hard to clean off.

(shade: Headliner   Price: $3.04 )

I saw a post on Pinterest about this blush and i really wanted to try it.  i have always been kind of stand offish about cream blush or liquid blush.  i just never understood why and how it could be applied but when i used this blush for the first time i was amazed! i only had to put a small dot on my index finger and it spreads really easily and lasts literally all day and night.  This one gets a big thumbs up in my book.

(shade: Pink Minx   Price: $3.04)

For a little while i have been wanting to get a light pink lipstick so while i was in the e.l.f. section i saw this and picked myself up one!

(shade: Pink Petal   Price: $2.00)

I think there is a color theme here...
I used this Lip Stain yesterday and i was impressed!  for it being so cheep i was thinking that it would all disappear by the end of the day or after I've eaten but it lasted all day long, through 2 meals and coffee. It only came off because i washed my face but i probably could have gone to sleep with it on and woken up and it would probably still be there! Also, the color is lovely!!

(shade: Hazard   Price: $1.99)

This nail polish was on sale.  i don't know the original price because i was at the cash register and they had these up there and it said they were on sale so i got one!! I have this color on now and i absolutely love it!  it is so bright and in different lightings it can either look orange or pink and it is a great color for spring and summer!

 (shade: Paper Dolls   Price: $36)

i didn't get this at target.  you can get this foundation stick at Ulta and i think Sephora as well.  i have been using this as a concealer and i love it!! it really smooths out your skin and has very nice coverage.  I did splurge a bit on this item.

I hope you guys liked this post i will be posting a fashion haul soon because i have been shopping around a bit for my trip that i am leaving for tonight.  the fashion haul will probably be while I'm on my trip or when i get back so be looking out for that within the next two weeks. 

Keep it Beautiful