It is all over.  The moment i have been waiting for all year has finally come but i don't feel as excited as i thought i would.  Don't get me wrong...  i am very excited but, i have a lot of mixed feelings!  Its strange because i have been at the same school my whole life and now that i am no longer a student i keep asking myself well who am i now?  High school isn't forever and the person you are in high school doesn't matter in the real world.  It doesn't matter that i was a worship leader for my school or that i was in choir, it doesn't matter who i went to prom with or the people who hurt me.  It doesn't  matter if you were the popular girl or the captain of the football team.  That all disappears when you graduate.  Now it's about the kind of person you want to be.
This was the day of change...

the senior class and i started the day by getting breakfast together before our big day

then we had our rehearsal where we went over how to walk down the aisle, our graduation song sound check, and speeches.  At a calvary graduation each student gets a table to express themselves and decorate whatever way they want.  this was my table which i decorated with a bohemian kind of theme.  i had lots of feathers and flowers and lots and lots of pictures of my friends and i.

i got ready at my friend sara's house and while we were getting ready we watched Laguna Beach graduation and that is when it started sinking in for the both of us.

Now that is a smile! Walking down the aisle of my graduation was so weird, exciting, and fun!

My principal is the best and so funny! I was so grateful to get the award of christian character in my class!

the scariest moment of graduation for me was performing our song.  i was put in charge of picking the song we would perform, scheduling the practices, and leading everyone in worship for this song! it was seriously an honor to be in charge of this.  it was the best part of graduation for me to just be able to worship with my class.  

my family and i got the award of me being a golden graduate.  a golden graduate is someone who has been at calvary for all 13 years of their school career.  we also acknowledge the parents of the students for making the commitment to calvary.  

after receiving our diplomas each student stood by there table and took pictures with friends and family.  even now it being a week after graduation i can't believe it is over.  i am excited to see where the Lord will lead me and what He will do in my life! i guess it really is a new chapter!

Keep it Beautiful