I can't even believe I am writing a post about our baby shower. It feels like just yesterday that I was blogging all about our wedding, yet it also feels like that was a billion years ago too. 

Planning our baby shower was fun and stressful all at the same time but I honestly didn't even do much at all. I had the best party planners (a.k.a my sister, mom and bestie) who threw the shower for us and we couldn't have loved it more. I am truly blessed by my family and the shower was BEAUTIFUL and got so many compliments after. Compliments to the chef or the shower planner! 

I remember having the initial "meetings" with my sister about the shower and although I wanted a really minimal shower, I was inviting 85 people, yeah you heard that right! Thankfully our church allowed us to have it in their lobby which made this possible. My sister and I began to Pin away on Pinterest for our Shower/Reveal. 

Honestly the shower was above and beyond all that I could have imagined. So let me show you what I'm talking about. 

Decor & Food

Games & Gifts

When going to a baby shower are you one who loves games or despises them? I found out at ours that most people despise them which it was a good thing we made the games very subtle and didn't involve the whole group. 

The first game we had was to guess how many pieces of candy were in a jar at the welcome table, the second game is called "My Water Broke" which is where you freeze tiny baby dolls in an ice cube tray and at the shower, whoever's baby breaks free from the ice in their drink first, that person yells out "my water broke" and wins a prize. Game linked here

The third and final game was a questionnaire of who is most likely to between David and myself.  

If you are someone who doesn't love doing games, I highly recommend these that go by before anyone even notices you've played a game. We also had corn hole outside for those who did not want to partake in watching us open gifts. 

The Reveal 

Knowing we were doing the shower in Vegas with our friends and family, I wanted to wait to find out the gender with everyone around and make it both a shower and a reveal party. My mom came up with the cutest idea to do a piñata since David and I live in Mexico and David is also Mexican! I loved the idea and hadn't really seen anyone doing piñatas for a reveal. 

David actually knew the gender already because he really wanted to find out. He and my sister worked it out to get the piñata ready for the reveal. 

Because David knew the gender already I wanted to be the one to hit the piñata but when I stepped up to bat I took 3 swings and was winded. I knew then if I wanted to find out the gender at all that day, I needed the help of David. 

I, with everything in my being thought I was having a girl and didn't even question that pink was going to come flying out of that piñata. 

When I saw blue flying out of that piñata I was in absolute shock. All of a sudden all I could see was blue and I felt just like that 90's song that reads "And everything he sees is just blue like him inside and outside." All I noticed in that moment was how blue everything was, the sky, blue cars in the parking lot, people wearing blue and for the rest of the day I was literally in shock! 

I am so excited to have a boy and I don't know what little boys are like or what to do with one but I can't wait to love him like nobody else does! 

It was also ver special to spend my birthday celebrating with all my favorite people over our baby boy! 

We are so thankful for our family and friends who could come and celebrate this awesome season with us! It was truly the best baby shower and we are beyond blessed! 

We cant wait to welcome our baby boy coming in July! 

We also want to thank David's cousin, our photographer for these amazing photos and our maternity photos which will be coming out very soon! 

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My Dress: Click Here

Decor and backdrop: My sister
Food: My mom
Signs: My best friend