As David and I were prepping to go to Vegas for our Baby Shower we really needed some couple maternity photos at the shower which was a great excuse for me to get David to take some photos with me which used to occur way more often but since moving to Mexico and getting into the grind of starting a church, it is rare to see us in a photo together. 

You already know that I just set up my tripod and got some shots of us in our home and they turned out so cute! I will admit I had to get what I could with David so we don't have an abundance of photos with the two of us but we did get some good ones together that I will cherish forever. 

I am so happy that even though we got few photos, that we have these to always look back at this season in our apartment. These were taken just a week before finding out the gender of our baby and now looking at these photos is even more special. You can see our Baby Shower/Gender Reveal recap here

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