Ever since getting married I have loved cooking and coming up with my own recipes and being creative in the kitchen which is a lot to say since I hated to cook before. 

Another thing I love is fast, easy dinners and that is exactly what this recipe is and will have everyone at home wanting seconds! 

When I made this recipe, I just threw together what I had and it ended up being amazing and has made its way into our collection of go to recipes. Also when I made this recipe I only had enough pasta to have one bowl and that definitely was not enough because I could have had 2-3 bowls just because of how delicious it was! 

This recipe is so easy to make and a great go to when you're in a pinch and if you have kids, I guarantee they are going to love this recipe!   

I even sent it to my sister and she LOVED it and was the one who told me I need to post about it so it's all thanks to her that you have this recipe!