I have had myself a little shopping spree... not really because at the moment I cannot spend from after the Holidays but it's always fun to window shop right? It's actually is very sad to window shop yet here I am always looking at clothes I cannot have but maybe you are in the market for some new items so I put together everything that is in my shopping bag at the moment. 

I LOVE H&M and I think they are honestly underrated. I feel like I went from a teen who's store was Forever 21 to now H&M being my go to retail store. They are 100% my ideal style and I think they have very well made products that last me a a while. 

So here is what is in my bag! All Items are shop-able under the "Shop" tab at the top of the page

 As far as skin care products, I have been watching a lot of Skincare by Hyram videos, if you have not seen any videos from him and you're trying to nail down your skincare game, check him out. He has been my source and guide to all things skincare for 2020 and we are continuing that into 2021. 

These are the products I am wanting to invest in this year and it's a lot so I may only be able to get a few but I have tried The Ordinary products and currently use them as part of my skincare routine and I love them and only want to get more but what is great, is that they are very well made and have the best ingredients in them and they are completely affordable!! For one serum you're looking at $6 sometimes $10 or a bit more or less! They are a great brand, as well as The Inkey List. They are great made skin care for a very affordable price as well but I have not personally tried products from this brand yet but very much want to. 

These other items on this list are a bit more pricey but from what I hear, are great products to invest in. 

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