Hey fam!

So if you have been following along Instagram or Youtube you will know that my husband and I moved to Mexico City! I have been in the process of redesigning my blog so I haven't been putting out a ton of content on here but plan to do a better job from here on out.

David and I moved here at the end of June and have been living in a cute and cozy 2 bedroom apartment with  our new German Shepard puppy, Luna. While finding furniture and decor here is a lot harder and more expensive than I expected we are managing, it is a slow process but we will get there one day!

However, I wanted to make sure that while our house isn't yet our dream that I still share some of my Pins with you. Honestly, this may not be accessible here in Mexico City ever but hopefully we can one day make our home look and feel cute and cozy like these pictures.

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You can see more on my Condesa Home Pins here!