I honestly don't even know how to start this blog post I just know I need to write it as it is happening. Our God is a GREAT God and we are so undeserving of His goodness!

On Sunday, January 6th 2019 my husband, David taught on a Sunday morning to the main congregation at the church we are apart of and work at, which very rarely does another pastor on staff other than our senior pastor, teach. We also announced to the church about our Mexico City church plant that will take place around June of 2019. We were so blessed by how many people came up to us after the services to pray for us and tell us they wish to support us. God's church is amazing when they are wholeheartedly serving Him.

The next day I went into work at the front desk of the church and there is a big white envelope at the front addressed to David and I. I open the package (no I did not wait for David) and the first thing I pull out is Rosetta Stone which is normally around $180 and then I pulled out a clear envelope that had blue polkadots on it and inside was a letter and a prayer from an anonymous writer and a check addressed to me for a HUGE amount of money for our church plant. I just began to cry because even though I was raised in the church and heard stories of how God blesses and provides down to the last penny, it has never really affected me because I have never experienced it personally. I just started thanking the Lord and thinking how great His body of believers are and how stinkin blessed we are to be in a congregation that is fairly large but feels like a family and is truly yielded to the Holy Spirit.

I went on to show David when he got into work and I was just telling him that this next season is going to be so difficult and challenging but, I think we are also about to experience first hand that our God is still a God of miracles. To be completely honest with you, the last year or two of my life I have been falling into a very mundane walk with the Lord. I realized on this Monday, that I have been in one school, one church, and one city my entire life and I have never been in a place where I felt like I NEEDED God. I fell into a mundane walk with the Lord because life was just the same everyday and after a while my walk with the Lord became this way. Don't get me wrong, I still pushed into the Lord through this and heard from Him but, overall I just felt kind of stuck. I know the Lord can refresh you in a season like that and if you are in that type of season just know He CAN renew your outlook on your relationship with Him if you allow Him, but I haven't gotten to that point yet.

Like I was saying I think this next season is going to put me in a place where I have never been before and that is shoved outside of my comfort zone and it is going to make me realize that I need the Lord more than I ever have and will put me in a place where I need to rely on Him. I am very nervous for all of this to occur but also excited because I desire to feel so close to God and to have that feeling of NEEDING Him.

To continue the story about this God miracle happening to David and I, it is now the 12th and I am sitting on the couch getting ready to deposit the check and I pull it out and there is another paper the same size behind it. I pull the two pieces of paper apart and it is another check for the same amount made out to David. What was a HUGE amount of money just doubled and we came to realize that that donation covered all of our big one time expenses to start a church in Mexico City plus more! If this doesn't scream GOD IS REAL I don't know what does. We still don't know who this individual is but David and I just spent a few minutes in prayer of this person and that the Lord would bless them immensely. We are so in awe of what God is doing and this is just another piece of confirmation that this is HIS will for us and that He has us in His hands and is going to provide for us and take care of us!

Just know my friend that God is still a God of miracles and is still the same amazing God in the Bible. We are about to see His miracles unfold right before our eyes.