It is that time of year again and I couldn't be happier! I love this time of year and I LOVE SALES!! It gives you an even better excuse to shop! Black Friday can kind of be overwhelming so I have put together my favorite sales for this years Black Friday to prepare you for this grand night! See below for the best sales this year!

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I love Wayfair!! In fact, most of the furniture in our living room is from Wayfair and on top of it already being incredibly priced, their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal is up to 80% off!

Here are some of my favorite items from this years sale.

Last year during Black Friday I bought most of the makeup I was going to use for my wedding day (I ended up using a makeup artist) but still got a TON of amazing makeup for such great deals! Here are some of my staple products!

You can never have enough accessories am I right? I am loving earrings and hair scarves at the moment and how about that knock off Gucci Belt? Because who can afford the real thing? Not me! 

I may have gotten myself in trouble with the clothing part of this gift guide because I want every single one of these items! How can you not want all of this?!

Shopping for men is already hard but David literally tells me "I don't want or need anything." How is a girl supposed to do Christmas with a guy who doesn't want anything?! Since I have a hard time getting stuff for David, this little guide was all I could really come up with but I would love to see David in all of this so I think it's pretty good!

I hope you guys liked this years items and if you buy anything from this post make sure to capture a cute pic and upload and TAG me! Happy Thanksgiving!