Today, I really wanted to focus on our Bridals, Family shots, and Bridal Party and answer your questions. These pictures are literally my favorite wedding pictures I have ever seen! Not even because it's my wedding. Our photographer KILLED it and is AMAZING!! I can't wait to get these printed and put up all over our home!

Q U E S T I O N  1
"What piece of advice would you give to a future bride?"

Oh man, how do I narrow this answer down? There are a few things I will encourage you with. With the wedding day, don't stress if something goes wrong because something will! You can't control it, it is completely out of your hands. Enjoy your day and let things roll off your shoulder. This day is about you and your husband and nothing else matters and it will all get worked out. Get a wedding planner or a day of coordinator if nothing else! You need someone who can do everything for you so you don't have to worry.

Take one minute during every hour or half an hour during your wedding day to look around and TAKE IT ALL IN. This day goes by so fast! It doesn't feel like it does until you are at your dinner and the night is almost over. When you are at the altar, look around at who came. 

Q U E S T I O N  2
"In your dating relationship with your now husband, how did you maintain purity, both physical and emotional?"

Well, let me be honest. This was pretty hard for us but we made it! Who doesn't struggle with purity? Especially when you know this is the person you are going to marry!

I do have a few pieces of advice for this because we really needed to discipline ourselves. 

1. Set boundaries in the beginning and talk about them with accountability partners! We had a couple that we went to when we were struggling and I will admit that we didn't go to them every time we slipped up but when we were struggling hard with temptation we did. They helped us put our emotions and thoughts into perspective a lot! Even though you set boundaries, it will be hard to stick to them... we found this out very quickly! But, be strong and know/ask that the Lord will give you self control. 

2.  Don't put yourselves in a position that you will be tempted. FOR EXAMPLE: we set a boundary to not be alone in a room together. We always messed up on this with being in my house and I think my parents trusted us a little too much! We never 100% slipped up but we did struggle when we would go upstairs to my room to "grab something". Just don't put yourself in the situation in the first place because you will be tempted. 

3. Hold every thought captive to the Lord. During your season of dating and being engaged you will have many thoughts. The enemy will attack your thoughts about a lot of things in your relationship, especially if the Lord called you together because the enemy wants to destroy what the Lord has made and that includes your relationships. Bring every thought to the Lord and let Him minister to you with them.   

Q U E S T I O N  3
"How did you find your wedding venue?"

I saw it on instagram and the person who posted it, did not say what venue it was or where so I had to go on a mad search because it is literally my DREAM venue! I ended up finding out what the venue was and that it was coincidently in Arizona where David's family lived. 

David and I had been dating for only a month when we went out to visit his family and I asked him if we could just go see the venue just for fun. We both fell in love with it and we got married 1 year after that. We move very quickly haha! 

We had no other reason to look at any other venues because the price was right and we knew that's where we wanted to get married!

Next wedding post will be uploaded soon and you will be able to see the wedding video and know what vendors we used and about the best ever Wedding Planner! Stay tuned!