We are MARRIED!!! Four months after the wedding goes by so much faster than four month before the wedding and we both have been loving being married! I love getting to wake up with my husband and we are already hanging out. We don't have to get ready, go out, and meet each other somewhere; now we can just wake up and we are together. I wanted to write a few posts solely dedicated to the wedding because there were so many amazing details that went into planning this shindig and the people who helped and supplied the decor should be recognized because this was literally the wedding of my DREAMS. No kidding! God blessed the planning process so much by gifting us with so many things that I want to share too. So hold on to your horses because I am sharing all of the details on my wedding split up in a few posts so be on the lookout!


My Dress: I always heard that you end up with the dress that you would pick last for yourself... and that is exactly what happened! I went into the whole dress thing with my mind set on a long sleeved, super lacy dress and the last thing on my mind was what I actually got! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dress and wish I could wear it again! I got my dress from Celebrations Bridal and you can never go wrong in their store! They have so many to choose from and I knew I was going to get my dress from there! I must have tried on at least 15 dresses that day but when I had this one on I could envision me dancing with my dad, walking down the aisle, and getting married to my best friend in it. This dress is made by Allure Bridal and it came as a strapless dress. I added the cup sleeves to it and when it was time to party, I wanted to be able to take the sleeves off so I made them detachable!

Bridesmaids: So I have been involved in two weddings and for both of them, there was a bit of trouble when it came to mix matching the bridesmaids dresses. I am thankful that I could learn from that experience and do it differently for my wedding! My advice is to order swatches from an online store like JJ's House and Azazie and then once you have your colors finalized, text each individual bridesmaid with their color and the website they need to order from. I personally used JJ's House and Azazie and loved how the dresses turned out!

Groom and Groomsmen: David and I went to a couple of places to look for suits to rent and the ones we were interested in were so outrageous in price so I started searching online for a few places we could rent from. I remembered this brand that reached out to me a few years ago for a collaboration called The Black Tux and we found what we wanted for such a great price! It was so easy to work with them, with only a few hiccups along the road. I loved renting from Black Tux but there was only one small problem. When receiving their first suit, almost all the groomsmen had to request a more tailored size which isn't the end of the world but would definitely not hurt to get the sizes perfect on the first shipment! Regardless, I would still choose to work with them for our suits!

So how The Black Tux works is one person makes an account and inputs all the groomsmen's emails into your account. Then The Black Tux sends them emails reminding them to put in their sizes and to order. So they do all the work for you! The guys can order according to their normal shirt and pant sizes and it will do the tailoring for them and send them the suit size they need based off of their everyday sizes. Once they get their suit in the mail, they try it on and if anything doesn't fit the way they want it to, you take pictures of what doesn't fit and explain to the company how you want it to fit ie. "shorter and tighter pant legs, smaller jacket to fit more snug," etc. and with the description and pictures of what you want, they send a new suit (the second one was perfect for David and most groomsmen) you keep both suits until after the event. Once the event is over, you pack both suits up in the box provided and you send them back with the shipping label and tape provided! Easy as that! I would 100% recommend The Black Tux to everyone! (Not Sponsored)


I really wanted to get our parents and our wedding party gifts but couldn't spend a ton of money on them so I searched on Etsy and found the perfect, simple gifts for everyone! For the guys I got them these really cute Polka Dot socks with a little wrap around them that said "Thank you for standing with me on this special day" and I got them from an Etsy shop called NoColdFeet.

For the girls, I really wanted to do robes because they look so cute in pictures! When I was looking on Etsy I kept finding really pricey ones and I just wanted something simple. I got grey ones from a shop called ComfyClothing and I also got my mom one and Davids mom one and even got them embroidered!

Like I said above, I got our moms robes and I got my dad a Tie Clip from a shop called CaitlynMinimalist and this Tie Clip is super special because I got to write a line from a song that my dad and I love and it was put on the clip in my handwriting! I actually forgot to give my dad the clip the day of so when I got home from the honeymoon, I finally gave it to him! I am not lying when I tell you the day slips by so fast!

I also got both of our parents a card and we both wrote to them thanking the for their support of us and their love! The cards were so beautiful! You can see them HERE

David and I didn't do gifts for each other but we did write letters. I actually have been writing letters to my future husband since I was 14 years old and had a box full of letters and journal entries! I gave this to him on our wedding day! This was the most sentimental part of the day for me because I have been writing to a man, who I didn't know for so long and now I was getting married to that man that I had written all those letters to!

M A K E U P   A N D   H A I R

So funny story! I was planning to do my own makeup for my wedding and bought all of these great products and got my look down! Then the day of, my sister and best friend hired a makeup artist for themselves and once I saw how great she did my sisters makeup, I decided to get mine done too! It turned out perfect you guys! I loved how I looked on my wedding day. We used Karina from Kangel Makeup and she killed it!

For my hair, I used Katelynd from Hair By Katelynd and I had kind of a complicated request for her. I wanted an up do for the ceremony and an easy transition into a half up for the reception and you guys she nailed it on the first try! Everything that I dreamt my hair to look like it did in the trial run and she was hired right away!

I would love to know your thoughts or questions so feel free to reach out! Look out for a couple more posts coming soon!