Hey girl!
If there is one thing I love about Christmas it's the excuse that you can dress a little fancier and extravagant for all of the parties, gatherings, and dinners. I recently did some shopping on Cyber Monday and perhaps went a little overboard but I couldn't wait to wear the pieces I got! Luckily, my church was having their Ladies Christmas Tea that they have every year so I was able to use my new pieces for that! All details are below and on my shopping page above!

For this first outfit, I paired my new Pink Fur Coat from Forever 21 with this Striped Bodysuite, black jeans, and my Black Booties from Target and then paired it with the Kat Von D's Lovecraft Liquid Lip. Have you guys ever wanted a piece of clothing for a long time and every time you go to actually purchase it, its sold out? That happened to me with this Jacket! I at first just wanted a pink fuzzy cardigan and they kept selling out and I also just couldn't take the plunge and buy it for some reason and then I kept seeing them everywhere! I ended up putting a couple of pictures of similar ones on my Instagram Story asking you guys where I could find one that was $30 or under and I found this one from Forever 21! If you are debating whether to get this or not, do it! You will not regret! I can't wait to dress this piece up and down for many more outfits!

This next outfit includes one of my favorite new items that I got from Cyber Monday, this Black Blazer from Forever 21! A black blazer, I feel, is a staple item in any wardrobe and I can't believe it has taken me this long to get one but this is the perfect one for me! I love that it fits long and loose and it is so flattering! I paired it with this amazing Blue Velvet Top from Old Navy that is on sale right now and almost sold out so make sure you get your hands on one soon! Velvet anything can always dress up your outfit and give it that Christmassy vibe, so this top is great for any occasion you have this season! You can shop the rest of my outfit down below or again, in my shop page!

Which outfit would you rock? Outfit 1 or 2?