Merry Christmas! I am beyond excited for this Christmas, probably more than any other Christmas in my adult age because this year I have a fiancé to shop for! It is so fun to buy gifts for your guy and this Christmas, I have got the perfect gifts in mind for him!

Because coming up with Christmas gifts is so hard, I came up with a little guide to help shop for that him or her in your life!

You can't go wrong with any of these gifts for your best friends! There is everything ranging from style and makeup to home and phone accessories!

I want to specifically point out the Gold Bands from Pieces of Me. I mentioned their brand and they bracelets on my Instagram account HERE and how they make bracelets with specific personality traits so you can wear who you are! I got the Compassionate Cuff sent to me and I wear it almost everyday! I think it is the PERFECT gift for those special ladies in your life!

Like I said this Christmas is so exciting because I get to shop for David! These are all gifts that I like for a guy and so I thought that this would help any of you out who are in the same season that I am! It is our first Christmas together so I want it to be special! Here are a few gifts that I know your guy will love too! 

Below you will not see the wallet and the exact belts in the picture because I forgot where I saved those pictures from...sorry! But hey, at least it still gives you a good idea of a gift you can get your man! 

What are your favorite gifts to get your friends?