Being gluten free can sometimes be a burden. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was 12 years old and being a young girl (a girl who LOVES food) I was devastated that I had to eat disgusting food for the rest of my life... it really was just nasty back in the day. Gluten Free food has certainly come a long way since 9 years ago and to make eating Gluten Free even better I recently found BHU Foods!

BHU Foods is an all Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic company that makes amazing snacks! I recently found them on Instagram and reached out to them immediately!  I went onto their website and saw that they had so many amazing flavored protein bars and I wanted to try all of them! Kindly enough BHU Foods sent me one of all of their bars to try and review for you guys!

"Creating a happier, healthier world by offering delicious, super food alternatives to sugary snacks."

BHU Foods offers so many amazing snacks to help curve those cravings by offering great tasting alternatives to your favorite desserts and snacks. I have tried their bars and my favorite has been the dark chocolate + coconut + almond... I could eat that as my dessert and be completely satisfied. These bars are packed with protein and are perfect for eating before or after the gym or to take with you as a snack to work! 

I love the ingredients in their bars, right on the packaging you can see how pure they are. They are NON-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic, and simply delicious! They provide an entire ingredients list and nutritional facts list for all of their products on their website so you can see for yourself how healthy they are!  

To learn more about BHU Foods click HERE to be brought to their website! Follow them HERE on Instagram to see what BHU Foods are doing and creating!

Which flavor do you want to try?