It is November, the month of thankfulness and there is a lot to be thankful for from 2016. This year has been a crazy busy one, it's been so busy that it has just flown by so quickly! Has this year gone by way too fast for anyone else? I feel like I was just celebrating the new year a couple months ago and here we are, already in November!

2016 was a huge year of growth for me as an individual. I overcame a lot of things this year that I am so thankful for and that I wanted to share with you.

For a long time I have struggled with anxiety and the anxiety that I deal with has always been wrapped around doing things and going places by myself. I have learned that I am a very dependent on others, but it goes even deeper than that. In 2015 I really started to push myself out of my comfort zone by going to more places by myself. This may sound so crazy to some people who don't deal with this kind of anxiety, but I know a lot of people who do.

This year I really pushed myself and I have grown so much from it. I took a trip to California by myself, I met two girls that I knew through Instagram for coffee (you can see that here), I went to the Magic Fashion trade show, I finally went to a coffee shop by myself (I don't know why that one was so hard for me) and I am just over all growing as a social little butterfly (or I am just finally starting to act like a normal human.)

Overall this year has been such a huge growing year for me and growing seasons can be difficult, but is ultimately good for us. 

Are you in the middle of a growing season? How are you dealing with it? 

What are you most thankful for in 2016?