I did something this weekend that I have never done before. I spontaneously took a trip to California with my mom and we slept in our car. Are we crazy? maybe but it was so much fun!

On Friday night we decided that we wanted to go to California so we started to pack up our things and semi plan for the next day. I packed clothing for all situations. Whether it was going to be cold or hot, I was prepared, the only thing that I missed was my bathing suit, but maybe it was best that I didn't pack it because we had no shower to freshen up in. We packed the best that we could and of course we left some things at home that we will remember to bring the next time.

We left early Saturday morning and ended up in Newport beach where we walked along the beach and looked at homes, picking out which ones we would live in. Later that evening we went to Whole Foods to grab picnic food and we drove to the beach to watch the sunset and have dinner. After being on the beach for a while and officially frozen, we ended up going to a movie then headed back to the car to get some sleep. We ended up parking by Newport beach and watched a movie in our bed in the back of my moms car. We realized that this beach was a bad choice because everyone was up partying way to hard, so we drove to a separate area where we parked in a residential area on the beach and peacefully slept there.

We woke up early the next morning, definitely feeling it on our bodies that we had slept in a car and drove to Laguna Beach where we got some coffee and went to the beach to read our bibles. We then walked around the shops there and headed home.

My mom and I have such a spontaneous spirit about us, we have always wanted to drive to California randomly and sleep in our car and we finally did it! It was also so nice to just disconnect from everything for the weekend and take a break from life and social media (which is the reason for the lack of pictures on this post.)  If you haven't done this then I highly recommend it!

What is the craziest trip you have ever been on?