If there is one thing that I will always love, it's dying my hair, but I can't stand some things about hair dye. I hate that stinging feeling that normal boxed dyes give me and that chemical smell that makes me feel so light headed. I recently dyed my best friend, Rachel's hair with the Naturigin Hair Dye and I was very surprised when I noticed that it didn't have that awful smell to it and when I asked Rachel her thoughts and review on the Dye she loved the fact that it didn't sting. 

I dyed Rachel's hair in the shade Dark Coffee Brown, a shade that was similar to her natural hair color, but we were really focused on covering up the red toned hair around her face. Rachel and I both loved the hair dying process. Like I mentioned before this dye didn't sting and didn't smell of chemicals what so ever. Here are just a few amazing facts about Naturgin's hair dyes. 

  • They have 19 organic-based, 100 % permanent hair colors with a 100 % grey hair coverage
  • They have the lowest level of PPD (which is a chemical substance derived from coal tar) in the international market on 0,07 %
  • They were announced the winner of the best natural beauty product by Natural Product Awards in USA 2014-2015
  • They are 100 % free of ammonia (which is a chemical compound that consists of one nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms tightly bonded, which gives it the chemical symbol NH3. It can take the form of a strong-smelling liquid or gas. Many consumer and commercial products contain this alkaline substance, including many products that are used to clean grime or fertilize crops. - Wise Geeks) and parabens. 
  • Our products contain natural oils and extracts and is organic certified by ECOCERT
  • Our ingredients are 98 % naturally based
  • Our products are NOT tested on animals; we are 100 % cruelty-free!
  • Our packaging is made from recycled material
  • The company is based in Denmark and was started by the couple Mette and Stig in 1998
  • The motivation to start the company was Mette’s diagnosis with breast cancer. She wanted to make sure that other women had a healthier and cleaner choice of hair colors without dangerous and unhealthy ingredients.
Not only is this hair dye good for you and good for the environment, It really colors and covers your hair very nicely. Rachel' hair turned out so good and we said bye bye to those red toned hairs! Rachel's hair is overall more of a rich true brown and it looks a lot healthier and shinier. 

 Hair Care

I also tried their Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. Naturgin Shampoo is: "A mild and balanced ECOCERT certified organic hairwash, suitable for everyday use, restoring softness and adding shine to the hair. NATURIGIN Color Care Hair- wash contains mild ECOCERT certified organic extracts and natural oils, that are specially suitable for colored hair and natural hair." This shampoo contains Aloe Vera extracts, Lavender oil, Natural preservatives, and Vegetable oils. 

My experience with their shampooAt first I wasn't a fan of their shampoo because I didn't like the smell too much and I felt that I had to use quite a lot of it to actually cover my hair. When my hair was finally dried after my shower I really loved the way that my hair felt. It felt stronger and way softer and I know that the shampoo had something to do with it. After trying it a few more times, I really grew to love this shampoo. 

Naturgin's Conditioner "Is a Color Care Treatment and is specially developed for colored hair. The intention is to make sure the NATURIGIN color reaches its full potential with nature’s ingredients as follows: Hydrolyzed Silk Protein: Derived from one of the strongest natural fibers in the World. Forms a crystalline protective barrier on strands. Improves hair’s elasticity, resiliency, increases shine. Chamomile Flower Extract: Provides smoothness and lightness to the hair." This conditioner contains Eucalyptus oil, Coconut oil, Mentha, Pure Silk, Chamomile Flower oil, and Lavender oil. 

My experience with their conditioner: When I first smelled this conditioner and found out that it smelled like mint, I thought I wouldn't be a fan, but when I tried it in my hair, it actually smelled really good and refreshing! You do have to use quite a lot if you have thicker hair, I use about 4 to 6 pumps to fully cover my hair but it really makes your hair feel soft. When my locks were all dried I noticed that it felt lighter in weight, yet strong and felt way softer than normal.  

Overall, I would highly recommend this brand for any hair coloring and care needs. If you guys would like to see what other products they have and more reviews, then just click HERE to see. 

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