I am so excited that I have been asked by Vegas.com  to show you guys the local style here in Vegas. This is actually a great blog post idea and I am so excited to show you guys a little bit more about my style and where I live.
Today I am going to show you some things that I will normally wear out on a summer day or night here in Vegas, whether it is going out to lunch with the girls, shopping day, or a night out for dinner, I want to show you my Vegas style.

Of course, with the weather being so hot and spicy here in Vegas, the more light weight and airy the clothing, the better! 

I hope you guys enjoyed having a look at my style and seeing a little bit more about me and maybe this helped with those of you planning to visit and have no idea what to pack, I know I would love a guide like this for everywhere I visit!

What are some of your favorite summer outfits?