I recently searched how to make a product collage for my blog and I came across a few that were great tutorials including the one that inspired this post (abeautifulmess.com) but a lot of the ones I came across required having some sort of software. Me, not knowing a lot about photoshop software came up with an easier way to make a product collage. Basically, the dumb girl way of doing a photo collage. I thought that I would share with you guys today the easiest way to make a Product Collage.

*This tutorial does require you to screenshot your computer screen, so sorry to the non-Mac users.*

Step 1 // Search: The first thing that you will need to do is either search for the pictures you want or shop for them.   In my Summer Essentials post, I searched on Google for images of things that are needed in Summer, but if I were to do a Product Collage of things that I need to provide prices or links for, then I will shop for those things to get prices and get the image off of that site. 

Step 2 // Save Images (and Links): As you are searching and shopping, you will want to either drag the photo you choose onto your dashboard or save it to your dashboard, this will allow you to be able to save the Link along with it for an easy reference.  

Step 3 // Open Pages or Microsoft: Now that you have all of your Images saved to your desktop you will want to open Pages or Microsoft Word. 

Step 4 // Adding Text: In Pages, I added 3 Text Boxes so that I can move my words around anywhere on the page I would like. Here is where we start to get creative! I made my text really big and where I typed "Product Collages" I highlighted it and chose a cute color that would make it stand out. 

Step 5 // Add Images: After you have created the text, the way you want it, then you will want to add the images (one by one). I like to add it one by one to make it a little less chaotic and then you will resize the picture to the size you want it to be and continue to add the pictures and arrange them in any way you want. 

Step 6 // Shapes: After all of my images are in Pages and are arranged on the page, I then like to add the little dots you see. I simply just add the circle from the "Shapes" section in Pages or Microsoft Word and resize them to be smaller like this. Another way you can do it is to add another Text Box and just add periods. 

Step 7 // Add Your Numbers: After you have added what seems to be a million dots you then can add your numbers. Again, I added Text Boxes so that I can move the numbers to be right where I want them on the page. 

Step 8 // (Selected) Screen Shot: Now that you are done and your page is looking AMAZING, you want to screen shot it so that it saves onto your desktop as a picture. To screen shot only the page, you will want to press on your keyboard the (SHIFT + COMMAND + 4) keys. Your cursor (or your mouse) should change on the screen to look like a small bullseye or plus sign. You will then want to select the part on your page that you want to appear in your picture (example above). After you have done what is shown above, a screenshot picture will appear on your desktop like the image seen below. 

Now you have your Product Collage saved to your desktop and you can add it into your blog along with the links you may want to provide.

If you guys make a Product Collage using this tutorial and post it on Instagram, tag me in it so I can see all of your amazing collages... Happy Collage-ing!