The sweetest thing happened to me! I was just sitting at work, it was a normal day and I see my friends husband walk in with an envelope with my name beautifully written on it. I open it up and it is an amazing painting that my talented friend Emily created. I was literally so surprised, I mean how sweet is she!

A couple months ago she had painted a beautiful piece of a bison and I loved it so much and I kept seeing bison pictures everywhere. A couple days before I received this gift I reposted a Bison picture for a giveaway on my Instagram and I did not win but who cares because I receive my very own bison painting from this sweet friend.

All of her painting are amazing, I don't know how she does it. Every time I see her art on her Instagram I just want one of her pieces more and more! You can take a look at a few things that she is selling on her Etsy account HERE and some of her paintings on her Instagram HERE.  Her art is amazing and she, as a person, is even greater so check her out everyone!