It is bitter sweet being home. For one I am happy to be in my own bed, with a bathroom right next to me and my own shower but I am also sad not to have all of the amazing students that I had the privilege of leading around me 24/7! It was a great trip for sure! Leading up to the trip I was very nervous as to how these high school students would react to me being their chaperone, being that I am only 19 and only had graduated 2 years ago. As soon as we stepped foot on that bus to leave for Cali, I was in leader mode. The ability to lead these students in a fun yet responsible way came out of me so naturally and it was shocking to me. The Lord really revealed to me that He has given me the gift of leadership and I am so thankful He showed me that.

I thought going on this trip that I would have to deal with a lot of drama, sick students, and leading a band that hardly seemed ready, but I was wrong. They were amazing and caused no trouble, no one got too sick, and the band rocked it every single time!

In the following pictures you will see a wave catching me very off guard and swallowing my feet, shoes and all! It wasn't one of my finest moments but man, did it make some awesome pics! 
This isn't even half of the group, I had my work cut out for me! We sang and played a lot at many churches and schools, we did some service projects and helped a lot of people, and above all we did all that we did for the Lord! I hope I will be lucky enough to attend missions week with the choir again one day! 

Have you ever had to lead a trip? What were some of your biggest struggles on any trip?