It's the new year! Did this year fly by for anyone else... or just me?
I cannot wait to see what this year holds.  The Lord already knows who I will know and what memories I will have by next year and I am just starting this new chapter not knowing what the future holds but my Savior does!
In just one month I will have my car packed up and I will be on my way to Bible College!  I will know a whole new group of people and my life will be completely different from now.

My New Years was very relaxing! My young adults group and I played games and ate together and then we went out to this spot in the dessert where we could see the whole strip and watched fireworks and it was extremely cold outside!
I had a little friend following me all night too and she was the cutest little munchkin!

Let me just say this is not me in the picture above.  I took a picture of my friends but it was a pretty good picture if i do say so myself! 

How was your new years experiences?  Did you make any New Year Resolutions? I did!  
This year I'm going to try to eat healthier, get in shape, and try not to drink any soda.  
Whatever your New Year resolution was just make this year great, make new memories... preferably good ones, laugh a lot, and live life to your fullest!